Dieting vs Lifestyle changes

Diets appeal to so many people in a world that is full of instant gratification. Hungry? There’s fast food just around the corner. Don’t have the money? Credit cards are a quick solution. Headache? There’s a pill for that. This is just the tip of the iceberg. People want to have something fixed instantly instead of putting in the work and fixing the underlying problem. With that mindset fad diets are extremely popular because they sell you on a quick fix. Loose 30lbs in a month! Get that hourglass waist by drinking this tea or using this wrap. The problem with these diets is just that. It’s a diet and it’s more often than not restrictive. Foods are labeled as good foods and bad foods, which in turn creates a negative relationship with food.

When you have something that is restrictive and you decide that you’re done with the diet you go back to doing what you were doing. A few months later you’re back to where you started. This is how yoyo dieting is created.

How do we fix this? With lifestyle changes.

With sustainable change that you can use your entire life not just for a season to lose weight quick. These changes aren’t restrictive but come as a mindset change and will happen over time. Fast change is usually not sustainable but something that you can adjust to gradually is something that you are far more likely to stick to. For instance taking away processed foods and adding in more whole foods to your diet that fulfill the same role. Gradually start exercising on a consistent basis. If you haven’t exercised consistently and a diet asks for 5 days a week for 2 months straight, how realistic is that to stick with in the long term? Gradually increasing exercise until it becomes your habit, a part of your every day routine, then increase the days or duration. This becomes a lifestyle change and not something you do for a set amount of time.

Those are just a few points, I could write a novel on lifestyle changes but the main takeaway for this is to think about your daily habits and if they are sustainable in the long term. Weight loss might be slower but it is more permanent. If it’s a lifestyle change you will notice you are being kinder to your body and your mind with the way you think about exercise and food. Eating because you love the food you are making and the way it fuels your body. Exercising because it makes you strong and healthy to lead a life that you love.

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